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Gardening and Tinkering

Gardening and Tinkering

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Since 2013, Residea also complete it's services by a little bit fresh in your garden, balcony, or even to help you in the restoration of your everyday items.

Indeed, your Housekeeper or Domestic Helper who was able to shine your home and prepare you some delicious meals, may if you wish, finish his/her performance by watering your plants, pruning your roses, changing your light bulbs, and even strolling your pet.

All this for a clean and finalized service in order to live at home being a real pleasure.

These Personal Services benefits can't give rise for important benefits from gardening or tinkering that require the intervention of specialized professionals.

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With Residea, get a quality service and options to suit your needs.

  • A professional, frames and monitored staff
  • Quality services
  • A broad range of services
  • A tax deduction

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