Residea, the specialist home service

Commitment to quality


Residea is a personal services company who is approved by the Quality approval R/150511/F/006/Q/030.

This accreditation certifies you :

Close contact with the General Council, the CCAS and pension funds

An optimal quality of service

A followed and reactive customer relation

The most of Residea

The remote management
The telemanagement system allows you a clear and accurate billing and facilitates the monitoring of your interventions.

Your Helper tip systematically with your landline phone on his arrival at home, and at his/her departure. With a completely free number and her/his PIN, your Helper is identified and records the exact time of its interventions.

Monitoring Quality
Periodically, our Sector Managers make contact with you to assess the quality of services provided to you, and your level of satifaction.

By phone or during a home visit, you are guaranteed to always be considered, and we are sure to always meet your requirements.

Finally, each year, a survey of overall satifaction is mailed to you and allows you to take stock, anonymously, of your appreciation of our services. We consider each of your suggestions for improving our quality of service.

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Our commitments
our values

At Residea's, we strive to embody our values daily to satisfy you.

  • Availability
  • Assiduity
  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Respect

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