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As a company certified Personal Services, Residea benefits from the partnership of the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes, as well as various pension funds and government aid.

We create for you your indemnification's folder

Depending on the home assessment we carry out, and your indidivual situation, we refer to the different types of load tap which you qualify, and perform for you the constitution of your claim file to the concerned agencies.

That you're eligible or not for financial aid, you get a 50% tax reduction on all your benefits with Residea credit.

La Caisse d'Assurance Retraite et de la Santé Au Travail (C.A.R.S.A.T)

Formerly known as the CRAM, the CARSAT is an assistance under the general scheme of Social Security and provides a public service of health and social action programs, and related to the health at work. Its jurisdiction is regional, it coordinates pensions that are not subject to special regimes. To learn more about CARSAT of the Southeast region of France :

L'Allocation Personnalisée d'Autonomie (A.P.A)

The APA is a measure of assistance for elderly and dependent people.

It is a universal right for seniors losing their autonomy and allows to bénéfit services needed to carry the essential activities of daily life.

To qualify for the APA, you must be at less 60 years old, legally reside in France, and justify a loss of autonomy evaluated by a medico-social team based on a national assessment grid: the AGGIR.

For more information on dependency levels offset by APA:

The amount of indemnisation may vary depending on the recipient's income.

La Prestation de Compensation du Handicap (P.C.H)

PCH is a personalized indemnisation to finance the needs related to the loss of autonomy of disabled persons under age 75. This benefit covers human assistance, material aid (development of housing and vehicle) and animal helpers.

Compensation requirements of the disabled person is defined by the multidisciplinary team of the Departmental Home for Disabled People (MDPH), based on the life project expressed by the disabled person, and are included in a personalized action plan.

For the conditions of allocation of the PCH:

L'Hospitalisation A Domicile (H.A.D)

The H. A.D is an alternative to hospitalization. It aims to ensure medical and paramedical care for patients who wish to be treated at home for important care. The duration of HAD is limited but renewable depends on the evolution of the state of health of the patient and hospital. The HAD is prescribed by the attending physician in consultation with the physician coordinator HAD . To know conditions for admission HAD:

La Mutualité Sociale Agricole (M.S.A)

The MSA is a mutual organization that supports health and retirement of employees, employers, and farmers in the agricultural community. It also has an assistance plan in the event of loss of autonomy. To know your rights MSA:

Le Régime Social des Indépendants (R.S.I)

RSI is the agency responsible for pensions and health welfare of entrepreneurs, traders, arstisans and all independent professionals. 

Its jurisdiction is regional. For the RSI Provence-Alpes

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